A perfect combination

At productronica 2021 and SMTconnect 2022, Emil Otto GmbH presents tubular solders with the EO-FC- 006 filling compound for the first time. These tubular solders were developed together with Feinhütte Halsbrücke GmbH and Eutect GmbH and are characterised by significantly improved smoke and residue behaviour. Based on this filling compound, Emil Otto has now developed the flux series EO-B-023

The new flux series consists of the versions EO-B-023 A to E. In terms of the composition of the activators, these fluxes are identical to the EO-FC-006 filling compound used in the tubular solders & According to our research, this is probably absolutely unique on the market. This means we can avoid cross-reaction 100 % & explains Markus Geßner, marketing and sales manager at Emil Otto GmbH. Both the fluxes and the tubular solders can be used in series production as well as for manual soldering of small batches without the employees having to pay attention to the activator. This way, the employees cannot mix up the different fluxes and avoid poor soldering results.

All variants of the newly developed flux series contain highly effective activators that additionally support the soldering process. The application can be done by all common application methods, except foaming. The solids content of the EO-B-023A is 2% and goes up to 15% for the EO-B-023E. The new fluxes are also characterised by remarkably low acid numbers. They belong to the group of multifluxes that can be used in wave, selective and manual soldering processes, as well as in cable assembly. & These multifluxes are alcohol-based fluxes that have a very wide range of applications. They have very good soldering properties, especially when penetrating and wetting the PCB. The process window is very wide, with very high thermal stability and good process activity over a large time interval. The residue behaviour is also very good, the PCBs are very clean after the soldering process. Even with the EO-B-023E with 15 % solids, the PCBs are almost residue-free after the soldering process. & adds Geßner.

Thus, the fluxes of the EO-B-023 series as well as the two tubular solders with the filling compound EO-FC- 006 form a perfect combination. The AOX755 solder wire is a soft solder developed for the electronics sector, which consists of tin, copper, nickel and germanium. This micro-alloyed solder significantly reduces copper leaching and also has an oxidation-inhibiting effect. The second alloy Sn96.5Ag3Cu0.5 is a standard soft solder consisting of tin, silver and copper. This soft solder is called SAC305 in the technical field and is one of the most common solders in the field of component production and cable assembly. Both solder wires are provided with three cores made of the specially produced flux EO-FC-006, which improves the smoke and residue behaviour.