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SMD adhesives

Besides materials all around soldering, we also offer SMD adhesives from the Belgian manufacturer Roartis. The product portfolio of Roartis is extensive. Besides classic SMD adhesives, both electroconductive adhesives for the EMC shielding as well as heat conducting adhesives are offered. The company thereby concentrates on adhesives that are based on epoxy resins or an epoxy hybrid mixture. Because of that, the adhesives have the advantage, that they cure quickly and thereby achieve a long service life. These materials can also be used well as underfiller or globtop substance, because they easily creep into gaps and cavities and consequently protect the components and contacts against environmental influences.

Catalogue number


Solids content

Application area


IQ-BOND 2200 (Yellow)

Printing, dispensing/jetting, stamping

IQ-BOND 2400 (Yellow)

Printing, dispensing

IQ-BOND 2401 (Yellow)

Jetting, high-speed dispensing

IQ-BOND 3200 (red)

Printing, dispensing/jetting, stamping

IQ-BOND 3202 (Red)


IQ-BOND 3400 (Red)

Printing, dispensing

IQ-BOND 3401 (Red)

Jetting, high-speed dispensing