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Cleaning products

Emil Otto invests a lot of time in its own laboratory to develop the best fluxes and cleaning media for demanding tasks.

This is because only reliable consumables guarantee reliable end products. Many of our customers manufacture end products that are relevant to safety, such as brakes, drives, camera systems, sensors and automation solutions. For these systems, reliability is paramount. That is why we are constantly working on new, even better solutions in our laboratory. In doing so, we draw on the current know-how of our chemists as well as on the formulations and experience we have gained in more than 100 years of company history.

Less rework, completely eliminated or reduced cleaning processes as well as our fluxes from the Multiflux range, which can be used for wave and selective soldering, hand and repair soldering as well as dip soldering, reduce our customers’ manufacturing costs. The same applies to our water-based fluxes or concentrates, which minimise transport and storage costs as they are not hazardous materials. Emil Otto is always interested in keeping costs as low as possible for its customers.