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Disinfectants EO-HDC-003

Recommended method of application
Hand disinfectants

Hand cleaner and care
Highly concentrated ethanol (> 90 %) and glycerin + H2O2 (<0,2 %)
Disinfectant for hands, WHO recommendation (WEEE/RoHS-compliant)

Cat.-No. 2937

Technical Data

Appearance/smell: colourless liquid, alcoholic, mild
Application: Hand disinfection provides effective protection in prevention against the corona virus (SARS-CoV-2).
Effect: Disinfection of the hands with 1x application and Care formula (preventive of skin reaction, such as “cracked skin”). Works reliably against viruses, bacteria and fungi
Instructions for use: The hands are rubbed with about 3 ml of the solution and left to act for about 30 sec. (“keep moist”).
Classification: Ready-to-use ethanol-based disinfectant for hygienic hand disinfection
Specifications and recommendations: WHO (World Health Organization), Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, RKI (Robert-Koch- Institute)
EO registration number: BAUA approval: General decision of the BfC dated 09 APRIL 2020
BIOZID regulation: Regulation (EU) No. 528/2012
Effectiveness requirements: EN 1500, bactericidal effect within 30 sec.
Ingredients: Ethanol, ethyl alcohol (99.6 %), glycerin (99.5 %), deionized water, hydrogen peroxide solution (H2O2: 30-35 %)
Free of: Acids, bases, chloramine-T and sodium hypochlorite
Security-relevant data: see current safety data sheet

Customer added value

  • Safe to use for cleaning due to very high ethanol content (>90 % ethanol, denatured) 
  • Hydrogen peroxide <0,2 % 
  • Good care for hands due to glycerin content 
  • Due to ethanol use more cost-efficient than EO-HDC-001 
  • WHO recommendation 
  • EO-HDC-003 is not recommended for surface disinfection due to the addition of hydrogen peroxide 

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