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Emil Otto EO-RA-007

Recommended method of application
Special cleaner for manual removal of organic residues from soldering processes, resins, waxes, oils, greases, residues containing paste residues, fingerprints and dusts on PCBAIsopropyl alcohol solvent mixture, ready for use

Isopropyl alcohol solvent mixture, ready for use

Cat.-No. 2947
Emil Otto Spray bottle with Flux remover EO-RA-007

Technical Data

Appearance: spray can, compressed gas packaging: colourless aerosol
cleaning liquid: colourless, clear liquid
Application: ready for use
Density at 20 °C: spray can: <0.7 g/cm³
cleaning liquid: 0.76–0.79 g/cm³
Boiling point/boiling range: spray can: approx. -40 °C (aerosol, gas)
Flash point: spray can: approx. -80 °C (aerosol, gas)
cleaning liquid: 12 °C
Substances: spray can/cleaning liquid:
isopropyl alcohol-solvent mixture
Storage conditions (recommendation): cool, dry and protected from light at 5 – 25 °C
Hazardous goods: No
Durability: 36 months


The flux remover EO-RA-007 has been developed especially for the manual removal of flux residues of PCBA. This special formula easily cleans the most organic residues from soldering processes, as well as greasy substances, fingerprints and dust on circuit boards and other surfaces. EO-RA-007 evaporates very fast and dries up any residue-free on the cleaned area. The evaporation is optimized to easily remove impurities from the circuit board with an ESD cloth. With the additionally developed brush attachment, flux- or paste residue can be effectively softened and removed from all areas of the circuit board.

Customer added value

  • Ideal for the Rework-sector
  • Easy, fast and precise removal of flux rests and residues
  • Highly efficient cleaning effect
  • Short acting time
  • Produces clean circuit boards and solder joints
  • Removal of fingerprints on circuit boards (PCB)
  • High material compatibility
  • Economical consumption

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