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Etimol Etimol SEM 10 RAA

Recommended method of application
Soldering machine cleaning

Water-based, ready for use ETIMOL

Cat.-No. 5101
Emil Ott Soldering machine cleaner Etimol SEM 11 RAA

Technical Data

Appearance: colourless to slightly yellow, clear liquid
Application: ready for use
ph-value: alkaline
Density at 20 °C: 0.997 +/- 0.005 g/cm³
Boiling point/boiling range: >100 °C
System: water-based
Flash point: not applicable
Operations temperature: room temperature
Reliable cleaning results with: flux residues, condensate from PCB boards
Storage conditions (recommendation): in closed original packaging at 10 – 25 °C
Hazardous goods: No
Durability: 36 months


The water-based, alkaline cleaning medium efficiently removes flux residues and outgassing from PCBs from reflow, wave, selective and vapour phase soldering machines. The foaming formulation achieves an improved product effect, even when used on soldering machines that are still warm, the mild inherent odour is convincing.

Application notes:
The ready for use cleaning medium is sprayed onto the surfaces to be cleaned at room temperature and wiped out after a few minutes. Due to the innovative formulation, no cleaner residues remain in the soldering system when soldering temperatures >200 °C are reached.

Consider approvals of equipment manufacturer!

Customer added value

  • Reliably and efficiently cleans reflow, wave, selective and vapour phase soldering systems
  • Aqueous formulation, foaming
  • Practical spray bottle with foam nozzle
  • Low odour development even when the system is still warm
  • Replacement for flammable and corrosive chemicals in maintenance cleaning operations

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