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Etimol Etimol SW 21 CA

Recommended method of application
Automatic SMT stencil cleaning

Water-based ETIMOL concentrate

Cat.-No. 5113
30 liter Canister with Etimol SW 21 CA by Emil Otto

Technical Data

Appearance: colourless to slightly yellow, clear liquid
Application: 1:4 with DI water
ph-value: alkaline
Density at 20 °C: 0.923 +/- 0.005 g/cm³
Boiling point/boiling range: >100 °C
System: water-based
Flash point: not applicable
Operations temperature: room temperature
Reliable cleaning results with: leaded, lead-free, No Clean solder pastes, SMT-adhesives
Storage conditions (recommendation): in closed original packaging at 10 – 25 °C
Hazardous goods: No
Durability: 36 months


The water-based, slightly alkaline adjusted cleaning concentrate is diluted with DI water in the ratio 1:4 (corresponds to ready to use Etimol SW 26 RAA) and then efficiently removes residues of solder paste containing leaded, lead-free or so-called No Clean solder pastes as well as of SMT adhesives from SMD stencils in automatic washing machines. The formula features excellent compatibility with the stencil materials commonly used and, especially with μ-BGA and Fine-Pitch stencils, has an efficient cleaning effect.

Due to the innovative formula, high bath loading values are achieved in comparison to standard cleaners, so that the intervals between the bath changes can be extended significantly and the resulting volumes of waste for disposal are reduced.

Application notes:

The cleaning agent can be excellently rinsed with water. The cleaning medium is filled in the cleaning tank of the stencil washing system at room temperature.

Consider approvals of equipment manufacturer!
Consider compatibility of SMT-stencil adhesive!

Customer added value

  • Concentrate to dilute with DI-water
  • Efficient removal of solder paste and SMT-adhesive from epecially μ-BGA and Fine-pich stencils grants repeatable and stable cleaning process which helps to achive high-quality printing results
  • The innovative formulation combines efficient cleaning, maximum process safety and optimum occupational safety by replacing flammable and combustible solvents

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