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Alcohol-based flux EO-B-016 (multiflux)

Recommended method of application
Wave soldering, selective soldering, hand soldering, and dip soldering, as well as tinning wires

No Clean-Flux, alcohol-based
Di-Carboxylic acid activator resin complex, halogenide-free (WEEE/RoHS compliant) [OSP compatible]
Type ISO 9454: 1231 (1.2.3.A) // DIN-EN 61190-1-1 (acc. JSDT004) (IEC: REL0)

Cat.-No. 6102

Technical Data

Appearance/smell: colourless to amber, clear liquid
Hazardous goods: Yes
Solids content: 5.0 wt.-%
Acid number: 32 – 38 mg KOH/g
Halogenide-free: Yes
Resinous: Yes
Available as concentrate: No
Density at 20 °C: 0.799 (+/- 0.004) g/ml
Flash point: 12 °C
Durability: 12 months
Storage (recommendation): at 5 – 25 °C, dry, original sealed


EO-B-016 is a flux of the latest generation. This multiflux was specially developed for selective soldering. It is also ideally suited for wave and manual soldering processes as well as for dip soldering and strand tinning. The application can be carried out by all usual application methods (except foaming). The solids content is 5 wt.-%

Customer added value

  • Wide range of applications
  • Outstanding soldering properties (penetration, wetting)
  • Almost residue-free despite higher solids content
  • Best soldering results even with overaged or overlaid PCBs and components
  • Wide process window (very high thermal stability, very good activity over a very long interval)
  • House test (SIR selective) passed

Packaging units

Dosing bottle: 50 ml
Metering pen: 8 ml
Canister: 5 l, 20 l