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Alcohol-based flux EO-RF-G003 (reworkflux)

Recommended method of application
Selective soldering, manual soldering

No Clean-Flux, alcohol-based
Di-carboxylic acid complex, halogenide-free (WEEE/RoHS compliant)
Type ISO-9454: 2231 // DIN EN 61190-1-1 (acc. J-STD 004) (IEC: ORL0)

Cat.-No. 3962 (#2954, #3962, #3963)

Technical Data

Appearance/smell: colourless to amber coloured, clear liquid
Hazardous goods: Yes
Solids content: 4.0 wt.-%
Acid number: 30 – 36 mg KOH/g
Halogenide-free: Yes
Resinous: No
Available as concentrate: No
Density at 20 °C: 0.797 (+/-0.003) g/ml
Flash point: 12 °C
Durability: 12 months


These fluxes have been specially developed for the rework, hand soldering and selective soldering processes. EO-RF-G003 contains the activator system of our proven water-based flux: EO-G-003, Cat.-No. 6008. The density of the flux must be checked regularly. As the flux gradually evaporates in all application methods, the concentration increases during processing. Pre-drying of this flux after application is always recommended, to achieve an easier transition from liquid to melting phase which makes soldering easier. Flux EO-RF-G003 has stable enough properties, which is not reduced even in the soldering process itself.

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