Alcohol- and water-based flux


Recommended method of application: Dip and strand tinning, special applications

Flux, alcohol- and water-based
Di-carboxylic acids, special product, halogenated, resin-free (WEEE/RoHS compliant)
Type ISO-9454: 2131 \\ DIN EN 61 190-1-1 (ORM1)

Cat.-No. 2052

Technical Data

Appearance: salmon pink, clear liquid
Hazardous goods: No
VOC:  2.9 %
Solids content: not applicable
Acid number: not applicable
Halogen-free: No
Resiny: No
Density at 20 °C: 1.035 – 1.050 g/ml
Activators: di-carboxylic acids, halogenated, resin-free
Solvents: carboxylic acids, amines, anorganic acids
Flash point: hardly flammable
Available as concentrate: No
Durability: 24 months


ELM/KF is a special soldering flux based on halogen-substituted organic compounds and has the advantages of a very wide temperature range (approx. 150 – 290 °C). Therefore the soldering flux can be used for numerous soldering and tinning processes.

The active substances contained in the ELM-KF flux are water-soluble. This also applies to the flux residues remaining after tinning as long as the product has not been subjected to extremely high thermal loads. Customary washing equipment serves for post-cleaning.

Customer added value

  • Very good soldering properties (capillarity, wetting)
  • Broad processing window (high thermal stability, good activity over a long interval)
  • Very good residue behaviour (optically very clean, high SIR)

Packaging units

  • Canister 20 l