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Water-based flux EO-G-007 (multiflux)

Recommended method of application
Wave soldering (spray fluxing), hand and selective soldering

No Clean-Flux, water-based
Di-carboxylic acids, VOC-free, halogen-free (WEEE/RoHS compliant)
Type ISO-9454: 2131 (2.1.3.A) \ DIN EN-61190-1-1 ((acc. J-STD-004): ORL0

Cat.-No. 6132

Technical Data

Appearance: transparent liquid
Hazardous goods: No
VOC: 0.0 %
Solids content: 7.0 wt.-%
Acid number: 55 – 60 mg KOH/g
Halogen-free: Yes
Resiny: No
Activators: di-carboxylic acids, VOC-free, halogen-free
Additive: wetting agent, alcohol compound <10 %
Solvents: water-based
Flash point: non-flammable
Available as concentrate: No
Durability: 12 months


The No Clean-Flux EO-G-007 is universally suitable for wave and selective soldering of printed circuit boards and contains organic, halogen-free, activating additives specially adapted to the soldering processes. This flux has been developed in a combination with leaded and lead-free solders specially adapted to the thermal requirements of the soldering process.
EO-G-007 is based on a novel formulation to stabilize and improve the application process compared to conventional water or partial water based fluxes.
The flux is a water-based electronic flux and is non-corrosive. The solids content is 7% by weight.
This flux is very versatile and OSP compatible. Good results are achieved in hand, wave and selective soldering as well as in cable assembly and stranded wire tinning. The generally applicable rule of choosing flux quantities that are as low as possible also applies to this product.

Recommendations for processing:
Foam fluxes: Not recommended
Spray fluxing: If dosing is possible, first adjust the flux quantity to 10 – 20 ml/min, observe the even flux distribution on the PCB (test with thermal paper if necessary) and then correct to the optimum quantity.
Preheating: For “simple” PCBs a preheating temperature of 80 – 110 °C is recommended, for “more complex” PCBs 110 – 130 °C on the top side of the PCB. It can be used in both leaded and lead-free solder systems.

Customer added value

  • Non-flammable (no legal restrictions for transport, storage and handling)
  • Very good soldering properties (capillarity, wetting)
  • Available as concentrate (granulate)
  • Broad process window (high thermal stability, good activity over a long interval)
  • Very good residue behaviour (optically very clean, high SIR)

Packaging units

Canister: 5 l, 20 l