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Flux gels Flux gel EO-Y-014

Recommended method of application
Repair work on printed circuit boards, dip tinning

No Clean-Flux gel
Highly active, halide-free activated (WEEE/RoHS compliant)
Type ISO-9454: 2231 \ DIN EN 61190-1-1 (acc. J-STD004) ORL0

Cat.-No. 4730

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Emil Otto Flux-Gel EO-Y-014 in 5 ml Syringe


This flux gel was developed for repair work on printed circuit boards. The activator base contains the same active ingredients as the comparable electronic flux EO-Y-014 as well as variants EO-Y-014(A-C). Flux gel EO-Y-014 is highly concentrated and is characterized, among other things, by high activity as well as good wetting and spreading properties. Due to these properties, the paste should be applied sparingly. The gel is applied from a dosing syringe using metal dosing needles. These enable precise application or positioning of the flux.
flux gel EO-Y-014 can be applied with a hot air or soldering iron.

In individual cases, which must be checked by the user, this flux gel can also be used to support the wave soldering of critical components. The application is carried out as described above.

Customer added value

• Ideal when using type of fluxes EO-Y-014/(A-C), uniform activator base
• Recommended for applications according to IPC / IPC 610
• Perfect soldering results
• Economical in consumption
• Also contaminated (old) pads and component pins are activated
• Paste is stable and shows no signs of polymerization (no sticking)
• Careful and targeted dosage
• Metal dosing needle is thermally resilient and can be used during use be used with the hot air or soldering iron
• Leaves no sticky residue

Packaging units

Syringe: 5 ml, 10 ml