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SMD adhesives IQ-BOND 2400 (Yellow)

Recommended method of application
Printing, dispensing

The high-quality SMD adhesives from IQ-Bond are suitable for double-sided equipped printed circuit boards, SMT applications as well as mixed large and small components 


Technical Data


Cure:  1–2 min at 150 °C
5 min at 120 °C
Viscosity (mPa,s):  150,000
Hardness:  85 D
Worklife:  10 days


The use of adhesives has for years been an integral part of electronics production. Adhesives are commonly used especially in the areas of the bonding and fixing of electronic components. In the past the properties such as temperature stability, electrical conductivity, degassing, mechanical stability, durability and processability have continuously improved. 

Customer added value

  • Quick curing in comparison to conventional SMD adhesives which leads to quicker throughput processes
  • High velocity pressure and output as well as dosing applications
  • Comparable to lead-free soldering
  • Compliance with REACH/ROHS Provisions
  • High initial strength and stable dot profile
  • Best process repeatability in the entire industry

Packaging units