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Recommended method of application
Wave soldering machines

Cover oil for pump shafts of wave soldering machines

Cat.-No. 2010
Emil Otto Soldering aid EO-COVERFLUID-TESU

Technical Data

Appearance:  colourless, clear liquid 
Application:  up to 285 °C
Flash point:  non flammable 
Max. evaporation rate (24 hours/250 °C):  0,5 %


Covering oils provide different functions when used in wave-soldering machines. Firstly, they protect the metal alloys from oxidation, which prevents the formation of oxide layers around the solder wave. Secondly, they provide a lubricating effect on the pump shaft. During the development of the covering oil EO-COVERFLUID TESU, Emil Otto focussed on a good thermal stability and an optimum evaporation rate. Rigid deposits can thus be avoided. Compared to products containing waxes or mineral oil-based oils, the use of EO-COVERFLUID TESU can ensure very long oil lives. It reduces the maintenance and repair efforts of wave-soldering machines to a minimum. 

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