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Soldering aids NC-260/RF EO „Nozzle Clean“

Recommended method of application
Special paste for activating and cleaning of non-coated solder nozzles

Special paste for activation and cleaning of mini-waves
Type ISO-9454: 1.2.3.C

Cat.-No. 2995
Emil Otto Soldering aid NC-260-RF EO Nozzle Clean

Technical Data

Appearance:  bright yellow, waxy, synthetic liquid 
Density at 20 °C:  0.9 – 1.0 g/cm³
Consistency:  pasty 
Substances:  resin, dicarboxylic acids, additives, paste additives, UV-additives 
Durability:  36 months


The flux paste NC-260/RF EO “Nozzle Clean” was developed for cleaning non-coated solder nozzles of selective soldering systems.

Customer added value

  • Very good cleaning effects for scaling and contamination of non-coated soldering nozzles of selective soldering systems
  • Broad processing window (very high thermal stability, very high activity over a long interval)
  • Excact dosage
  • No separation
  • Flux residues visible under UV light
  • VOC-free

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