Emil Otto expands range with non-labelled soldering system cleaner

With Etimol SEM 12 RAA, Emil Otto GmbH is launching a non-labelled medium for cleaning reflow ovens, wave and selective soldering systems and vapour phases. Various impurities and flux residues can be removed efficiently and gently with the new soldering system cleaner.

The water-based, alkaline cleaning medium Etimol SEM 12 RAA efficiently removes flux residues and outgassing from PCBs from all soldering systems used in electronics manufacturing. “Due to the foaming formulation, an improved product effect is achieved. Etimol SEM 12 RAA can also be used on residually warm soldering machines and convinces with its mild intrinsic odour. Compared to Etimol SEM 11 RAA, the new cleaning medium has a slightly stronger cleaning effect and is thus ideally suited for heavily soiled soldering machines,” Markus Gessner, Marketing and Sales Manager at Emil Otto GmbH, introduces the new soldering machine cleaner.

The cleaning medium is sprayed onto the surfaces to be cleaned at room temperature and removed again after a few minutes of exposure time. Due to the innovative formulation, no residues of the cleaner remain in the soldering equipment when soldering temperatures >200 degrees are reached. “Like all our cleaning media in the Etimol series, Etimol SEM 12 RAA is not a hazardous material. Since we completely avoid flammable or corrosive chemicals, the cleaning medium is also completely label-free,” adds Gessner.

You can find more information online or visit us at our booth at SMTconnect – hall 4, booth 335.