Emil Otto introduces new, biological flux pastes with EO B-POWER activation complex

Sustainably produced and effective fluxes are part of the product philosophy of Emil Otto GmbH. For this reason, the flux specialist repeatedly introduces innovative products that take this philosophy into account. At this year’s productronica 2023, the company is now presenting flux pastes made with natural, high-purity substances for the first time.

The new flux pastes are the EO-FLUX paste FP-BIO-001 EO B-Power and the EO-FLUX paste FP-BIO-002 EO B-Power. The new flux pastes are bio-based, which explains the designation suffix EO-B-Power. The abbreviation means that the pastes have a novel, natural and powerful activator formulation. Both products are rosin-free and belong to the NO CLEAN pastes. “It was developed especially for higher-quality electronics production, as well as rework of PCBs” explains Markus Geßner, marketing and sales manager at Emil Otto GmbH, introducing the two innovations.

The FP-BIO-001 and -002 flux pastes are an absolute novelty among consumables in electronics manufacturing. Both fluxes feature the bio-based formulated B-POWER activation complex, which is a unique activation complex consisting of specially matched natural, high purity substances such as waxes and resins. Both FP-BIO-001 and -002 are characterized, among other things, by very strong process activity and have very good wetting and spreading behaviour. Due to these properties, the paste can be dispensed extremely sparingly. It is applied via a stainless steel dispensing needle, or optionally a plastic dispensing needle.

“The soldering results are flawless. Both flux pastes are also suitable for higher alloyed metal surfaces. Overlaid pads, components, THT components and component pins are reliably activated and made solderable,” says Geßner, describing the properties of the two flux pastes. Even critical components that have brass or nickel pins can be reliably soldered with FP-BIO-001 and FP-BIO-002.

Emil Otto will present the EO B-Power flux pastes FP-BIO-001 and FP-BIO-002 and other product innovations at productronica in Munich from November 14 to 17 in Hall A4, Booth 315.