Emil Otto launches product campaign with new Green Line fluxes and concentrates

The German flux specialist Emil Otto GmbH has planned a number of product innovations for the year 2023. The product campaign will start with the new water-based flux EO-G-006 and the new, also water-based two-component concentrates.

“The water-based EO-G-006 is another No Clean flux that is universally suitable for wave, hand and selective soldering.  Organic, halogen-free, activating additives specially adapted to the soldering processes are part of the newly developed flux. This was developed in a combination with lead and lead-free solders that was specially adapted to the thermal requirements of the soldering process” , says Markus Geßner, Marketing and Sales Manager of Emil Otto GmbH, introducing the new product. EO-G-006 is based on a new formulation to stabilise and improve the application process compared to conventional fluxes based on water or partial water. Care was taken during development to ensure that the flux is non-corrosive. The solid content is 5 %.

“Especially from other European and Asian countries, there were more requests for a water-based flux with a higher solids content,” adds Geßner. With EO-G-006, Emil Otto has succeeded in developing an extremely clean and very temperature-stable flux. Due to the addition of special alcohol compounds that do not contain any VOCs, the flux has a considerably better drying behaviour in the soldering process than other conventional, water-based fluxes. Furthermore, EO-G-006 is considerably more stable and less sensitive to cold.

Emil Otto is thus further expanding its portfolio of water-based, liquid fluxes. However, the company is going one step further. “For the first time, we are presenting a water-based flux as a concentrate,” Geßner discusses. EO-G-006, for example, is available as a concentrate. The same applies to the also new concentrates EO-G-001 and EO-G-002. “All water-based concentrates, like the concentrate EO-Y-004 already introduced to the market, consist of two components, a solid and a liquid concentrate component,” Geßner explains further.

The water-based fluxes of Emil Otto GmbH, whether as liquid or concentrate, are completely biodegradable. Therefore, they are not subject to the class of hazardous goods and do not pollute the environment. “All Green Line products can therefore be transported, handled and stored in the conventional way. Especially the simple, conventional storage represents a considerable added value for our customers,” Geßner emphasises. All Green Line fluxes can be used on the soldering systems known on the market. The soldering results correspond to those achieved with alcohol-based fluxes. A change to ecological, water-based fluxes is therefore possible for you without further effort.