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Concentrates GSP-25/AF/OVAP

Recommended method of application
Wave and selective soldering

No Clean flux, alcohol-and water-based
Di-carboxylic acids, halogen-free, resin-free (WEEE/RoHS compliant)
Type 2131 ISO 9454 \ DIN EN 61 190-1-1 (IEC: ORL0)

Cat.-No. 2127

Technical Data

Appearance: transparent liquid
Solids content: 2.5 wt.-%
Density at 20 °C: 0.794 (+/-0.003) g/ml
Acid number: 19 – 22 mg KOH/g
Activators: di-carboxylic acids, halogen-free, resin-free


After the Flux of the “GSP series” had proven itself so well in the local market, we were also able to record inquiries from abroad to an increasing extent. However it turned out, that with shipment overseas, in some cases the freight costs considerably exceeded the value of the goods. Since these conventional fluxing agents are known to be hazardous goods in the sense of the transport regulations, requirements had to be fulfilled, which made the product even more expensive. A shipment by air freight was virtually impossible, as the flux was only allowed to be freighted in small containers. To be able to circumvent these problems, we developed the EO flux concentrate “GSP-25/AF/OVAP”. The flux manufactured from this concentrate in self-preparation is only suitable for the spray flux application.

A complete package consists of the granulate. The granulate is designed for the respective preparation of 20 litres of flux. If you prefer the preparation of larger or smaller volumes, we can design the packs accordingly. When mixing larger volumes, we recommend the preparation in a suitable stainless steel container (with lid) using an ex-protected agitator or compressed-air stirrer. Before installation of this production equipment, the room is to be checked or arranged accordingly, under consideration of the valid regulations for work safety.

During preparation, the applicable safety regulations and our manufacturing instructions must be observed.

Customer added value

  • Inexpensive
  • No hazardous material when shipping
  • Good soldering results
  • Clean circuit boards after soldering

Packaging units

Granulate: for 5 l, for 10 l, for 20 l
Canister: 20 l