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Flux concentrate EO-M-017 (CU/MS)

Recommended method of application
Surface finishing of copper and brass strips and wires with pure tin, strip tinning, radiator manufacturing

Flux concentrate for soldering and tinning processes (strip tinning / radiator manufactoring)
Activator base: bromide, free of zinc chloride and miscible with water (WEEE/RoHS compliant)
Type ISO-9454: 2124 (2.1.2.A)

Cat.-No. 6519

Technical Data

Appearance: colourless to light yellow, transparent liquid
ph-value (1/1): 1 – 2
Density at 20 °C: 1.1 – 1.3 g/ml
Activators: organic halogenides with inorganic complexes
Storage: 10 – 25 °C


This special ready-to-use flux is based on a high-performance bromide activator and does not contain zinc chloride compounds such as zinc ammonium chloride. Instead, organic halogen compounds with inorganic complexes for reinforcement predominate. These are characterised by the fact that they spontaneously and intensively dissolve oxides on the one hand and successively decompose from approx. 230 – 260 °C (max. 350 °C) on the other. Hardly any residues remain after the process adjustment.

EO-M-017 was specially developed for the continuous surface finishing of copper and brass strips and wires with pure tin, Sn/Pb alloys and other Sn alloys. The main areas of application are strip tinning and radiator production. The flux can be used in these processes at very high throughput speeds due to the exceptional reaction speed and the resulting “fast boiling out” as well as the fast drying.

The flux also contains specially formulated surface-active additives that offer the advantages of intensive wetting and economical consumption.

Processing instructions:
EO-M-017 is a ready-to-use flux and can be used directly. The flux concentrate is also suitable for the preparation of other ready-to-use solutions (dilutions, e.g. for hot-dip tinning of Cu or Cu alloys). In practice, mixing ratios in the range of 1:4 to 1:10 are known for this process. However, the optimum dilution depends on the process and the quality and surface properties of the material to be tinned and must therefore always be determined by the user through appropriate tests.

Customer added value

  • Based on organic halogen compounds with inorganic complexes
  • Very good residue behaviour
  • Fast boiling out and fast drying of the flux
  • Intensive wetting with economical consumption
  • Suitable for high processing rates

Packaging units

Canister: 30 kg, 200 kg, 1000 kg (IBC)
Other packaging units on request