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Rust remover ROSTEX A (Ferrodit)

Recommended method of application
Rust removal from ferrous metals, iron phosphating for better paint adhesion

Ready-to-use pickling agent for ferrous materials rust remover and rust converter

Cat.-No. 0801

Technical Data

Appearance: colourless to light-green liquid
Density at 20 °C: about 1.1 g/cm³
ph-value: about < 1
Water solubility: easily soluble in water
Durability: 24 months

Customer added value

  • Very good rust removal with ferrous metals
  • Strong wetting property
  • Improved adhesion effect of paint on the base material via formation of an iron phosphate layer
  • Improved corrosion protection and permanency
  • Good handling via various application options

Packaging units

Bottle: 1 l
Canister: 20 l
Other packaging units on request