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Solder pastes ZINNIN GREEN I Sn100

Recommended method of application
Conventional soft soldering and tinning of steel, stainless steel, brass and copper alloys

Ready to use and completely label-free soldering and tinning paste with Sn100 (pure tin)
Lead free and zinc free (WEEE/RoHS compliant)
Type ISO-9454: 2123

Cat.-No. 0084
Picture: Two 300 g Tins Solder paste ZINNIN GREEN I Sn100

Technical Data

Metal alloy: Sn 100 (pure tin)
Melting point: 232 °C
Particle size: < 80 μ
Metal content: 80 – 85%
Type of flux: 2123 (ORM1, No Clean)
Flux content: 15 – 20 %
Detection: UV-active


Emil Otto soldering and tinning paste ZINNIN GREEN is used for soft soldering and tinning in electronics, especially for steel, brass and copper alloys and much more. Before using, the paste must be stirred until the green colour of the usage indicator changes to metallic silvery-grey. The paste is then applied to the assembly parts using a brush or other suitable tool. In the case of overlapping parts or grooved pipe joints, the overlaps should also be lightly coated with the paste. Due to the excellent activity of the flux it contains, ZINNIN GREEN spreads very well on the surfaces of the workpieces and penetrates perfectly into soldering gaps. For such parts, however, attention must be paid to the ‘solder-compatible design’. A good pull-through requires an optimum soldering gap: 1/10 around is recommended. If flux residues form after the soldering process, these can be easily removed with deionized water if required.

Customer added value

• Solder paste for soft soldering and tinning of steel, stainless steels, brass and copper alloys
• Good handling, no dripping
• No hazardous goods and completely label-free
• No separate solder dispenser necessary
• Separation due to storage is indicated by colour, can be easily homogenized by stirring
• Very highly activated
• Flux residues visible under UV light
• Flux residues are easy to be removed

Packaging units

Tin: 300 g
Other packaging units on request