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Consumables for reliable, sustainable, green power generation

Fluxes, solders and cleaning agents for the solar industry Made in Germany

Emil Otto provides a wide portfolio for the soldering of solar modules, tabber and stringer material as well as the joining of cells. This includes fluxes, sprays, detergents and cleaning agents and solder wire.

The fluxes are No Clean products that are formulated to be halogen-free. All fluxes leave no sticky residues. Process tests with well-known machine manufacturers from the stringer technology sector prove this. Furthermore, the activators are specially designed for high temperatures, which are required in the production of solar modules, without affecting the efficiency of the activators. This also applies to the actual application in particularly sunny and hot regions.

Fluxes from other application areas that have already been on the market for 20 or 30 years do not meet the modern production and process requirements in the manufacture of solar modules. For example, the individual processes from the electronics industry are not comparable. Although flux is applied by spraying as well as by dipping, the manufacturing equipment in solar cell production sometimes has different configurations and specifications.

13 of the 17 solar fluxes are formulated on an alcohol basis and can also be offered as concentrates. These are packaged in reduced volume and shipped worldwide. As they do not have to be declared as hazardous goods, transport is cost-reducing.