Emil Otto presents an expanded portfolio of flux gels at productronica 2023


Flux gels are frequently used for rework on assembled PCBs. In the past, this often meant relying on flux for hand soldering and repair soldering. These contained other activators, which were used for series production. The flux gels developed by Emil Otto are based on uniform activators contained in the previous electronic fluxes, thus avoiding […]

Emil Otto with a new look

Emil Otto Website after the Rebrandiing

Emil Otto, the German flux specialist from Eltville on the Rhine, is presenting its new corporate design at productronica 2023 in Munich. In addition to a modernised logo, the entire online presence has been redesigned and all product information has been restructured. In its more than 120-year history, Emil Otto has already gone through many […]

Emil Otto introduces new, biological flux pastes with EO B-POWER activation complex

Sustainably produced and effective fluxes are part of the product philosophy of Emil Otto GmbH. For this reason, the flux specialist repeatedly introduces innovative products that take this philosophy into account. At this year’s productronica 2023, the company is now presenting flux pastes made with natural, high-purity substances for the first time. The new flux […]

Emil Otto introduces ROL0 flux pastes

Emil Otto’s flux pastes are a range of paste-like electronic fluxes whose portfolio has now been expanded to include two more new products. In both cases, these are ROL0 fluxes which, thanks in part to their very good activation properties, can be used reliably in component repair, even for critical components.

Emil Otto takes part in Intersolar Europe for the first time

Due to the strong market development, the German flux specialist Emil Otto GmbH will exhibit for the first time at the Intersolar Europe in Munich. The company will present there a total of 17 fluxes for soldering solar modules, tabber and stringer materials and connecting cells, as well as cleaning agents.

Emil Otto introduces further Green Line fluxes

After the water-based flux EO-G-006 was already introduced this year, the german flux specialist expanded the product range of ecologically degradable fluxes with EO-G-005 and EO-G-007.

Large flux portfolio for various applications in the solar industry

In addition to products for electronics manufacturing and the metalworking industry, Emil Otto also has a segment for the solar industry in its portfolio. The flux specialist has developed a total of 17 fluxes for soldering solar modules, tabber and stringer materials and connecting cells.

Emil Otto will not use any alcohol declared as “bio-alcohol” due to sustainability

Many industries, especially the chemical industry, want to produce end products in a more sustainable way. In some cases, seemingly sustainably produced preliminary products such as organic alcohol are used. However, for the German flux manufacturer Emil Otto GmbH, it is precisely the agricultural origin that is the decisive criterion for refraining from using bio-alcohol.