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Fluxpaste EO-FLUX-Paste (BIO-BASED) FP-BIO-001 „EO B-Power”

Recommended method of application
High-quality electronics production and repair work on PCBA

No Clean-Flux paste “BIO-BASED” with a new and high effective activator formulation
Rosin-free (WEEE/RoHS compliant)
Type ISO-9454: 1131 (1.1.3.C) // EN 61190-1-1 (J-STD-004: L0) // IEC: RO-BIO L0

Cat.-No. 5001
Emil Otto EO-FLUX-Paste FP-BIO-001


EO-FLUX-Paste (BIO-BASED) FP-BIO-001 is a new No Clean-Flux paste and was specially developed for higher-quality electronics production and repair work on circuit boards. FP-BIO-001 is a flux concentrate (“BIO-BASED”) in paste form and was specifically formulated for metered application in syringes and cartridges.

The highly effective “B-Power” activator complex contained is unique and consists of specially coordinated natural, highly pure substances (including waxes, special rosins, without colophony, di-carboxylic acids).

FP-BIO-001 is characterized, among other things, by a very strong “soldering process optimized” activity and very good wetting and spreading behavior. Due to these properties, the paste can be dosed extremely economically. The application is carried out using a stainless-steel dosing needle (or optionally a plastic dosing needle). The flux paste can be processed individually, for example using hot air and soldering irons, but also with MINIFLOW soldering tips.

Customer added value

  • NEW: “B-Power” activation complex
  • Free from colophony
  • Ideal for applications according to IPC / IPC 610
  • Perfect soldering results
  • Highly active, economical consumption
  • Also suitable for higher alloyed metal surfaces
  • Overlaid pads, components, THT components and component legs are activated and solderable
  • Careful and targeted dosing
  • Supports the wave soldering of critical components (e.g. brass or nickel plugs) the application is carried out as already described
  • Minimum durability: 24 months

Packaging units

Syringe: 5 ml, 10 ml