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Solder pastes / solders Solder wire SnCu0,7Ni0,05Ge
(AOX 755 acc. Sn100C)

Recommended method of application
Selective soldering processes, hand soldering

No Clean tubular solder with flux filler material EO-FC-006 (WEEE/RoHS compliant)
Typy ISO 9454-1:2016: 1231 // DIN EN 61190-1-1 (acc. J-STD-004): REL0

EmilOtto_EO-FC-006 Sn96,5Ag3Cu0,5_520x520px

Technical Data

Appearance:  transparent and monochrome 
Odour:  mild or slightly resinous 
Solubility:  not water soluble 
Activators:  resin activation complex 
Total halogenide compounds:  0 %
Melting range:  100 – 125 °C
Solder alloy  SnCu0,7Ni0,05Ge (AOX 755 – entspricht oder besser bekannt als Sn100C)
Available diameters: Ø 0,3 mm, 0,5 mm, 0,8 mm, 1,0 mm, 1,5 mm, 2,0 mm, 2,5 mm & 3,0 mm


The new, innovative tubular solder guarantees excellent soldering results from hand soldering to wave soldering and laser soldering. The tubular solder is filled with a halogenide-free high-performance filling compound, which was specially developed as a flux filling for the production of lead-free soft solders. The basis of the filling compound is a high-purity synthetic resin, which is built up in combination with a hitherto unique synthetic activation complex and thus meets even the highest qualitative production requirements. The activation effect of the filling compound is more than equal to the halogenide-containing filling compounds used up to now, even though the 3-seal tubular solders only have a flux content of 1.2 %.

The processing of the solder is almost splash-free, with minimal smoke development and excellent residue behaviour, which leaves no dark discolouration or sticky residues. The soldering results are excellent.

Customer added value

  • Highly effective with perfect soldering results
  • Halogenide-free high performance filler
  • Versatile application possibilities
  • Excellent residue behaviour
  • No sticky residues

Packaging units