Emil Otto expands hybrid flux portfolio around EO-Y-14

Due to customer demand, Emil Otto GmbH is expanding the product range around the hybrid flux EO-Y-014B, which was presented at productronica 2021, with additional variants. The hybrid fluxes are alcohol and water-based fluxes that have been specially developed by Emil Otto for use in wave and selective soldering.

In the variants EO-Y-014A and EO-Y-014C, which are now available, the solids content and the acid value have changed compared to the already introduced EO-Y-014B. However, the remaining formulation of the flux has remained the same. As a result, the hybrid fluxes of the EO-Y-014 series have a very wide range of applications and are characterised by very good soldering properties, especially when it comes to the penetration and wetting of the PCB,” explains Markus Geßner, Marketing and Sales Manager at Emil Otto GmbH.

The flux EO-Y-014A has a solids content of 2%, while the EO-Y-014C has a solids content of 4%. With 3%, the EO-B-014B is positioned between the two new product variants. Due to the different solid contents, the EO-Y-014 fluxes can be used depending on the application. All fluxes in the product family have a very wide process window with high thermal stability. The printed circuit boards are visually very clean after using the flux.

All fluxes in the EO-Y-014 product series are universally suitable for wave and selective soldering of printed circuit boards and contain organic, halogen-free, activating additives formulated with a low addition of synthetic resin. “The flux has been developed in a combination with lead and lead-free solders specially adapted to the thermal requirements of the soldering process. Furthermore, the EO-Y-014A, B and C versions contain special alcoholic additives to stabilise and improve drying times compared to conventional water or partial water-based fluxes. For this reason, this flux can very well replace pure alcohol-based fluxes,” Geßner continues. It can also be used for hand soldering and cable assembly and ensures very good soldering results for these requirements as well.

Due to the combination of special alcohols and an alcohol content of only 15 %, the fluxes of the EO-Y-014 series do not fall into the area of hazardous goods, which means that transport and storage are not subject to any special requirements and are also more cost-effective. Furthermore, due to the low alcohol content, the fluxes are more price-stable than pure alcohol-based fluxes, as fluctuating alcohol prices have little or no influence due to the low quantity.